Car Accident Reconstructions

When recreating a car accident we start with a basic, affordable, package that includes simple modeling of the scene (roads, foliage, and building footprints).  Then we add the vehicles and use your expert data to recreate the accident from an objective birds-eye view.  From there we can get even more detailed depending on your case and what you want to show.

Rather than verbally describing a geographical location or take a jury on a viewing, sometimes it is easier to just bring the scene to the viewer.  Our basic 3D modeling package starts with a birds-eye view of streets, foliage, and building footprints that we base on maps or schematics you provide us.  This helps viewers understand the location and proximate areas or landmarks. 

 Geographical Reconstructions

 3D Animation in Existing Photo/Video

Sometimes an object or landmark no longer exists or has yet to exist.  Nonetheless, visualizing that object at a location depicted in a photo or video is extremely helpful to many cases.  We can place a 3D model of the object/landmark into photos and videos to depict what the image could/did look like at one time.  We recommend that this kind of visual presentation accompany the testimony of an expert.