AnatoMap™ Basic

The first level of our AnataoMap™ medical illustration tools provides you with a customized and case-specific presentation.  We start by taking your photos, MRI’s, and/or X-rays and orienting onto a visual display of the human body.  It includes up to 3 photos per primary body part (head, face, right/left hands, feet, arms, legs, back, and torso).

The next level of our AnatoMap™ tools is a basic, but much more customized animated process in 2D or 3D that specifically explains a medical phenomenon, principle,  or procedure. This type of presentation typically requires the testimony of a medical expert and we highly recommend using one before creating a presentation like this.

AnatoMap™ Plus

AnatoMap™ Trajectory

Originally developed specifically for use in criminal trials, our Bullet Trajectory and Stippling Pattern presentations also have a place in Civil Trials.  Based on expert data, we create a custom presentation that depicts bullet trajectories and/or stippling patterns pivotal in a case.