Legal Marketing Videos

Scene Documentation

Video Depositions

Day-In-The-Life Videos

We now provide legal marketing videos and photography to lawyers all over the country.  Our expertise in visual communication translates well when applied to marketing to impress your target clientele.  We provide help with videos, photography, posting media to the web, email marketing campaigns, and web design ideas.

Scene of a crime or accident? Poor construction? Bad working conditions? Codicils to wills? Insurance issues? Orienting viewers to a location? Get it on video or take some pictures! We can help you do that easily in an affordable, professional way, so you’ll always have a visual reference to use in your case.

Deposition transcripts alone can’t capture nuances like facial expressions or vocal cadence.  Use a video to really capture a witness’ deposition testimony and bring it to the forefront. Absolutely the best way to cross-examine a witness for impeachment purposes.

Often before you even get to trial, you need to tell your story numerous times. A “Day-In-The-Life” or Settlement video is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you present your best case to the other side. Showcase your witnesses and martial your evidence in the best light possible.  “Day-In-The-Life” videos are even admissible in many trials.