6-Month Newsletters

This video package includes a step-by-step process for helping you create 6, one minute, monthly video newsletters that you can distribute to your clients.  Comes with a half day of video shooting using a full professional setup, consultation about topics, and upload of your videos to the web. 

Promotional Videos

Every professional needs a quick direct message to deliver to their clients.  Our basic promotional video package gives you just that.  It includes a half day of shooting video with a full setup, B-roll, an attorney interview, upload of your videos to the web, and consulting on a storyboard for your 2 to 6 minute clip.

Do It Yourself

If you think you know exactly what you want to say or show in a video, we can help you simply get it on camera. We’ll send you a videographer that can shoot and roughly edit your video in the order you want.  This basic video package includes: A half-day of video shooting with one camera; A full professional setup that includes lighting and audio; Fade-in/out, clean cuts, and name titling; DVD copy / Upload of your videos to the web; and Up to half a day of editing.