Video Depositions

Our videographers are trained in Rule 30B of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as state rules for video depositions.  Let our team set you up with our basic video deposition package for a half or full day of filming.  Comes with one camera, tripod, lighting, audio setup, backdrop, and hard copy original DV tape.

Often, attorneys file objections to portions of video deposition transcripts.  Our video team can quickly and efficiently edit your video so that you only have the portions admitted into evidence by the court.  You can also use designation editing to simply make your video depositions more manageable by breaking the whole deposition into clips.  The designation editing packages starts with half day and full day blocks of time. 

 Deposition Designation Editing

 Synchronized Transcripts with Audio/Video

Get your audio transcripts and video synchronized in order to maximize a viewer’s comprehension.  Reading and watching a person speak in a video ensures the most retention by your viewers.