Trial Equipment

 Trial Technicians

Document Preparation

If you have any kind of digital media to use in litigation, you need equipment to display it on.  We provide all kinds of display equipment for rental at reasonable rates as well as services for helping you purchase your own equipment.  All of our equipment is specifically chosen for its optimal display quality. Feel free to mix and match equipment, but we also have recommended packages as well.

Have one of our trial technicians help you at mediation, arbitration, or trial.  They support you with everything from the best ways to present multimedia to setting up audio/visual equipment and more.  You don’t ever have to worry about the mechanics of presenting your evidence again with one of our trial technicians to guide you. Our packages start at half day and full day rates as well as hourly rates after that.

Every trial has key documents that lawyers need judges or juries to focus on.  Using the latest software (TrialDirector or our own in-house program), we can help you throw your documents up on the big screen and highlight them for the viewer.  This helps your audience really see the important points you are trying to make.  A must for any trial.