Brian Carney, Esq.

Brian Carney is a veteran Boston prosecutor (11 years) and the president of WIN Interactive, Inc.. He has lectured on technology and the admissibility of demonstrative evidence to the American Bar Association, the National District Attorney’s Association, the National Association of Attorney’s General, and numerous state prosecutor associations.

Mr. Carney has developed demonstrative evidence and technology training programs for prosecutors, as well as proprietary software for the effective presentation of evidence.

He has consulted on several high-profile criminal prosecutions, including: Arkansas v. Porter, Commonwealth (Mass.) v. Chism, Oklahoma v. Crider, Nebraska v. Garcia, New York v. Neulander, Texas v. Guy, and Connecticut v. Michael Skakel.

Mr. Carney has testified as an expert in forensic video analysis and 3D scene recreation.

Mr. Carney is the creator of CrimeLines (interactive timeline software for prosecutors and law enforcement) and TimeLaw (interactive timeline software for the advanced litigator).


WIN’s presentation was nothing short of phenomenal. The 3D rebuttal of the defense’s shower animation was devastating.
William Fitzpatrick
District Attorney Onandaga County,
Syracuse, NY

WIN is like a cross between Steven Spielberg and Gerry Spence. They are great story tellers.
Dino Colucci, Esq.,
Boston, MA

Flawless. The presentation went very well.  WIN’s team was on the ball.
Christopher Collins,
Sheppard Mullin, NY, NY.

One of the most eye-opening and professionally-expanding presentations I have ever seen.
Chris Toth,
NAGTRI Director (former)

WIN’s timeline allowed me to successfully try the homicide case in one day.  It brought the victim’s story to life. The next day the jury returned a verdict of guilty!
Michael Moore,
State’s Attorney, Beadle County, SD