Litigation Graphics

At WIN, we specialize in visual storytelling. We examine each case designing custom visualizations to persuasively punctuate your story.

Our team of consultants and artists can create anything YOU can imagine, including: data visualizations, infographics, process graphics, and character animations. We also bring OUR storytelling ideas to your legal issues.

Our practice areas include business litigation, intellectual property, construction accident, personal injury, professional malpractice, homicide cases. and many more.

Forensic Video Analysis

Does the video show what you think it shows? Through video analysis, scene visits, and 3D reconstruction, we examine all the angles, literally.

Our team reviews every single frame of video finding evidence that your opponent missed. We’ll arm you with detailed information to make a compelling case. Our rebuttal presentations will decimate your opposing expert’s presentation.

Scene Recreation

Time passes and things change. We use measurements, drone photography, photogrammetry, and point cloud data to rebuild the scene. Having the ability to visit the scene digitally and explore the area from different points of view is an extraordinarily powerful tool.

We can work within your budget, whether that means a printed poster or an interactive 3D model. WIN has the technical experience to create fair and accurate representations for the courtroom.

Medical Visualization & Animation

When it comes to medical visualization, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. At WIN we have a tremendous amount of experience visualizing the human body.

Explaining physiology is beyond challenging without good visual aids. When you can show an audience exactly what is going on, and do it in a clean and elegant way, it makes complex concepts easy to understand. Using Illustration, and especially 3D animation, we build visuals that educate and clarify complicated subject matter.

Examples Images Showing Trial and Mediation Presentation Screenshots

Interactive Timelines

Every case has a time component and we are experts at building detailed timelines for our clients. Seeing your evidence laid out and organized in an interactive timeline allows you to visually connect events in a way that’s impossible to do with a spreadsheet or poster.

We also offer timeline software to aid in the creation of interactive timelines. Click here for more information.

Video Production

WIN offers production services for settlement videos, scene documentation, or video depositions. We take care of everything from filming through editing.

WIN provides the equipment from DSLR’s to drones, lighting and backdrops, as well as the crew to produce your video. Think of us as a one stop shop for all of your video needs.

If you already have video but need it edited, exported, cleaned up, or annotated, we’re more than happy to help. We work with non-standard formats, security footage, body cameras, and proprietary surveillance video players.

Mediation & Trial Presentations

From PowerPoint to interactive timelines and maps, we can help you prepare a compelling presentation.

WIN uses the latest technology to make sure you and your client look great. When you are ready to present we can provide you with professional trial technicians and the proper equipment for your mediation, arbitration or jury trial.

Mobile Presentation Cart

WIN knows that not every courtroom is set up for digital presentations. We build mobile courtroom presentation carts that come with everything you need to tell your story.

Our basic cart includes:

  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • 6 HDMI out
  • Document Camera
  • DVD/BluRay
  • Two Speakers
  • Switcher
  • Touch Panel Control
  • Two subscriptions to CrimeLines™ app

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Mobile Video Cart